Gymleco is a Swedish, family owned business with a passion for health, innovation and sustainability.

Family owned company founded in 1994 with the idea to provide the market with price worthy and sustainable gym equipment.
We create innovative and ergonomical solutions for individuals and companies.
In-house product development, which means shorter production and delivery time.
Designed so that all muscles will be burden correctly throughout the movement so that you can get more out of your training.

We offer

Quality gym equipment for individuals and businesses.
Planning and consulting in purchase and layout.
Leasing of gym equipment.
Delivery and installation
Service of your gym equipment.
Gymleco’s founder Kari in Solnahallen år 1995.
We at Gymleco have a long experience of creating gym equipment of the highest quality which is price worthy. Our dream is to create a healthy and sustainable future together with our clients and distributors.