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Gymleco equips a fitness center of 3000 sqm, be the first to take a look inside Allstar’s gym!

05 April 2022 11:00 | News

Have you always wondered how it really goes when building a gym from scratch? Here is the answer! Watch the latest “behind the scenes” video on Gymleco’s YouTube channel from Torrevieja, Spain.


Work on the Allstars training center in Torrevieja, Spain, began already last year in 2021. The facility is approximately 3,000 square meters and will contain both a gym, functional fitness and MMA. Gymleco was commissioned to plan and design the entire functional area, the gym area and also built a rig for the outdoor gym. Now the gym is installed and ready and opening is planned for May 1st 2022. Allstars will be Torrevieja’s and Spain’s first gym that is fully equipped with Swedish gym equipment by Gymleco.



“Working with the Allstars gang has been a dream! Both parties have had the vision that this will become a hub for training and health in Torrevieja and we will continue to work towards this goal together. The venue is fantastic and I am confident that everyone who comes to train or visit will be equally impressed.” says Linda Sotkasiira, Marketing Manager at Gymleco and responsible for sales in southern Europe.

Building the gym took a total of 6 days for 4 people and both the gym part and the functional part contain a large amount of exercise equipment. On the functional side, there is one of Gymleco’s popular shelf systems filled with weight plates, slam balls and kettlebells as well as a set of four Double Halfracks so that all members will be able to perform chins, squats and other training exercises.



Cardio is spread around the gym so you can choose your favorite spot to run on the treadmill, cycle or step on the stair machine.



In the gym section there is the popular 8 station as well as many different gym machines such as Hip Thrust, Belt Squat, chest press etc.




“We are so happy with Gymleco,” says Reza “Mad Dog” Madidi in the YouTube video when Linda asks what he thinks of Gymleco. “My good friend Ako Rahim recommended you because of the good quality, good price and your staff. I therefore contacted you Linda and now we are here. I really want to recommend Gymleco because of the incredible service we received.”

Watch the full video on the Gymleco YouTube channel and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss new content.

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