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Are you interested in starting a Boutique gym?

More and more smaller and niche gyms are emerging on the market as their popularity increases. This is probably due to the very personal and intimate feeling that the smaller gyms aim to achieve.

Boutique gyms or Boutique studios as it is also called are often focused on a certain type of exercise. It can be, for example, different types of yoga, group training, boxing or strength training.

There are as many varieties of Boutique gyms as facilities. But what they all have in common is that they offer extraordinary and personal service to their members.

We are here to help

We offer unique gym solutions based on your wishes and visions.

What distinguishes boutique gyms is that they offer a unique experience both when it comes to training and service. It can be anything from offering spa and personal training to juices and hygiene items.

At Gymleco we have a wide range of gym equipment to cater to all different gym themes. For example boxing bags, group training equipment and hygienic training mats.


What we can help you with:

Layout planning
Personal advice
Lease Agreement & Leasing
Installation & Delivery