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What makes a good hotel gym?

A good main rule to follow when planning a hotel gym is to think about the needs of the hotel guests. Ask yourself the question: What basic equipment is needed for your hotel guests to be able to complete their planned training?

Since exercise today is an important part of many people’s everyday lives, it will be important for hotel owners to be able to offer a well-equipped gym. It is just as important for guests who also travel a lot in their work to be able to keep the training going.

Here, as a hotel owner, you have a golden opportunity to offer a well-kept gym that makes guests plan to book their stay with you.

What gym equipment does a hotel gym need?

It does not have to be complicated at all with the choice of exercise equipment for a hotel gym. It is possible to create a training space regardless of how small or big it is. A smaller area can, for example, be focused on functional training. Focusing on smaller tools such as rubber bands, rib chairs, kettlebells, dumbbells and TRX bands. It is a simple but much appreciated solution. If there is more space then you can add strength training, for example add a stand, some barbells and weight plates. Our strength training machines are compact with an elegant design which makes them perfect for a hotel environment. We also offer a selection of combi machines which is perfect when you need to save space but want to offer more exercise options.


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