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040 Leg Extension

040 Leg Extension

One of the most common leg machines in all gyms – the Leg Extension. You sit down, straighten your leg against the resistance weight and work the muscles on the front of the leg – your quadriceps. A really effective machine to strenghten your legs!

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Technical specifications & Documents

Tekniska specifikationer & dokument

Gym machine muscle target



92 cm


120 cm


130 cm


93 kg

Cushion color


Exercise types

Strength training



Art.nr 040

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More about the machine

The leg extension has you straighten your leg against resistance and thus works the muscles on the front or anterior of the leg – your quadriceps. This makes the movement isolated on the correct muscle. Gymleco’s Leg Extension machine is designed with perfectly placed weights and pivots for effective leg training.

Special features

The suspension and the perfectly placed weights allows the user to work steadily through the entire movement. The machine is designed so that any cheating is futile which makes it the most efficient there is. The machine is equipped with an ergonomic seat cushion with rounded, comfortable edge to protect the knee. Gymlecos unique lever with optimal biomechanics gives the right load distribution throughout the movement.


More details

  • Balanced lever
  • Long operating range
  • Rubberized handle
  • 1 st weight hanger included