115 Gymleco T-Bar Row

115 Gymleco T-Bar Row

T-Bar Row was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s favorite exercise for a reason. It is easy to perform, effective for the muscles and you can load the machine heavily as you use your whole back to perform the exercise.

Gymleco’s T-Bar Row is designed with a wide handle at the right angle and footplates with anti-slip protection.

The long footplates make it possible to find the right grip for you in the exercise.

Gymleco’s T-Bar Row equipment is stable and robust so you as a trainee can practice heavy strength training without problems.

If you are looking for a T-bar row with a chest cushion see our 116 Gymleco Incline T-Bar with chest cushion


  • Measurements:
    Length: 206 cm
    Width: 86 cm
    Height: 47 cm
  • Weight: 59,5 kg
  • Angled footplates. Allows full movement length.
  • Frame color: Black