118 Seal Row Bench, Open model

118 Seal Row Bench, Open model

An updated design of Gymleco’s popular Seal Row Bench. This Seal Row Bench fits both our curved barbell 419 and also our new multigrip bar 819C. What makes this bench unique is the new “floating” design without a middle beam and that it also comes with a stand for dumbbells (not shown in the picture). This makes it possible to perform the exercise with either dumbbells or barbells, both equally accessible from the starting position.

Seal Row Bench has long been a very popular exercise in strength training as it activates many parts of the upper body. The primary muscles that are loaded are lats, trapezius and back of the shoulders. Rotator cuffs, biceps and forearms act secondary but also get very good activation.

Gymleco’s seal rowing is also ergonomically well thought out in its design. Thanks to the placement of the knees on the cushion, a healthy posture is created for the back. The position secures the lumbar spine and the risk of incorrect loading is minimized.

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      • Length: 112 cm
      • Width: 125 cm
      • Height: 90 cm