151 Gymleco Scott Curl Bench, Seated

151 Gymleco Scott Curl Bench, Seated

A nicely designed Scott Curl Bench from Gymleco that has double cushions at the right angle to make the workout more steady.

In this one you train biceps curls in a seated position, which makes the exercise isolated and effective. The scott curl bench has an bar arrangement that is not in the way but is still close at hand.

This scott curl bench from Gymleco is designed for commercial use at professional gyms. It’s made in high quality materials and resist heavy strength training.


  • Measures:
    Length: 101 cm
    Width: 70 cm
    Height: 95 cm
  • Weight: 35.5 kg
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Can be bolted on the floor
  • Standard frame color: Black
  • Standard cushion color: Black / Red