173 Gymleco Leglift with Dips

173 Gymleco Leglift with Dips

This Gymleco equipment facilitates and provides more stable training of the lower abdominal muscles through the stable posture with armrests, back cushion and handle.

The gym equipment is also equipped with a dip stand for the ultimate combined training experience. This product can also be equipped with a chin stand (see product 179 Gymleco Leglift with Chins and Dips)

Creates an easy and stable workout for the ab-workout lover. This equipment from Gymleco is designed in a compact design so that it is easy to place at any gym.


  • Measures:
    Length: 70 cm
    Width: 91 cm
    Height: 143 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg
  • Stable and secure training
  • Not burdening
  • Grip diameter dip handles: 40 mm