193 Gymleco Decline Bench, Adjustable

193 Gymleco Decline Bench, Adjustable

This is an adjustable Gymleco Decline Bench that can be adjusted in different angles from -14 ° to + 80 °. This weight bench is equipped with a correctly placed footrest and comfortable cushions.

The bench is steady and at the same time compact with the correct length and width. It’s designed for professional gyms and the compact format makes it easy to place it at any gym.

The weight bench is easy to set up and can withstand very heavy strength training. It’s designed with correct cushion width (24-33 cm) so it does not affect the movement of the shoulder blades.

Can be delivered with extra wheels for easy transport.


  • Measures:
    Length: 133 cm
    Width: 45 cm
    Height: 42 – 115 cm
  • Weight: 31.5 kg
  • Cushion width: 240-330 mm
  • Easy to adjust
  • Can be bolted on the floor
  • Standard frame color: Black
  • Standard cushion color: Black / Red