193S Gymleco Decline Bench Curved, Adjustable

193S Gymleco Decline Bench Curved, Adjustable

Here is Gymleco’s popular weight bench with a spinal motion on the backrest. This is an adjustable gym bench with negatively angled backrest, great for chest press workouts but also back rows, triceps exercise and actually perfectly comfortable bench for hip thrusts.

The backrest in this gym bench can be adjusted in 8 different positions. The seat cushion can be set in 4 different positions.

Gymleco benches are designed in a compact format for you to fit easily at the gym. Although it’s size, the benches are stabile and in highest quality to resist heavy traning at professional gyms.

Product Documents

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  • Measures:
    Length: 133 cm
    Width: 45 cm
    Height: 42 – 115 cm
  • Weight: 33 kg
  • Width cushion: 240 mm
  • Spinal motion on the backrest
  • Can be bolted on the floor
  • Standard frame color: Black
  • Standard cushion color: Black / Red