193V Gymleco Dumbbell Exercise Bench, Adjustable -20+75

193V Gymleco Dumbbell Exercise Bench, Adjustable -20+75

Gymleco’s latest addition of unique training benches. A fully adjustable gym bench with specially designed backrests to create the right conditions for chest press exercises such as chestflyes. Chestflyes is an effective and isolated exercise for the chest muscles that can be done with either dumbbells or in a cable machine.

This is a stable gymbench that can withstand very high loads and is designed for commercial use in a professional gym. The backrest can be adjusted in eight different positions. The seat cushion can be set in three different positions. The bench can be adjusted between -20° to 75°.

Product Documents


  • Measures:
    Length: 130 cm
    Width: 53 cm
    Height: 27 – 115 cm
  • Weight: 35 kg
  • Width cushion: 30 cm
  • The backrest has 8 different positions
  • The seat cushion has 3 different positions
  • Possible to buy wheels for easier movement of the bench