195 Gymleco Weight Rack 6 Placements

195 Gymleco Weight Rack 6 Placements

A nice and flexible weight rack from Gymleco with six places for weight plates in different sizes. The weight suspensions in this weight tree also have a narrower diameter to make it easier to hang or remove weight plates.

The weight stand is in a compact design, which makes it easy to set up in any gym, regardless of size.

It is also designed in a timeless and classic look so that it can be preserved for many, many years.


  • Mesurements:
    Length: 50 cm
    Width: 46,5 cm
    Height: 125 cm
  • Weight: 13,5 kg
  • 6 placements
  • Simple to use
  • Available with 8 placements as art. 196