215DK Gymleco Multi Gym / 8 station with Cablecross

215DK Gymleco Multi Gym / 8 station with Cablecross

Good looking, space-saving and functional training station with doubled up for lat and row, triceps and two adjustable pull trays that can act as anything from separate biceps and triceps or a complete crossover station.

Through extra basic equipment in the form of more pullstations, you increase the capacity of the training facility and can have more members.

The low-placed weight stacks on the cable cross provide a large range of motion so that, for example, all chest, back, arm and shoulder exercises can be performed freely.

This Gymleco multigym is a multifunctional workout station that is also suitable for rehabilitation and the bands that go over the wheels with double ball bearings provide extremely easy running.

Can be supplemented with chin rack (110K) which can be mounted at two different heights.

The machine can be mounted reversed.

Product Documents


  • Dimensions
    Length 490 cm
    Width 323 cm
    Height 235.5 cm
  • Weight: 1227 kg
  • Weight stacks:
    Cable cross: 60 kg x2
    Row: 100 kg x2
    Lats: 100 kg x2
    Triceps: 60 kg x2
  • Larger weight stack (optional)
  • 8 pull handles included
  • Standard frame color: black
  • Standard color cushion: black/red