225B Gymleco Half Cable Cross

225B Gymleco Half Cable Cross

Half of a cable crossover that is equally effective connected to our four way multi jungle station as it is for use as an extra pulley.

This training equipment offers incredible variety of exercises for both the upper and lower parts of the body.

The machine must be attached to the floor or supported in another way.

Product Documents

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  • Dimensions
    Length 48 cm
    Width 58 cm
    Height 223 cm
  • Weight: 122 kg
  • Weight plate: 60 kg
  • Low start-up load
  • PowerBands for reduced friction
  • Height adjustable pulleys for the pull handles
  • Lowered weight stack
  • Tighter increments of weight stack (optional)
  • Larger weight block (optional)
  • One pull handle included
  • Standard frame color: black