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226 Dual Adjustable Pulley

226 Dual Adjustable Pulley

Art.nr: 226

Compact and beautiful multi training machine that every gym should have

This power machine offers an all-around training with it’s dual pulleys and adjustable heights. With its compact corner design you’ll fit it in most spaces making it a beautiful piece in your gym.

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Technical specifications & Documents

Tekniska specifikationer & dokument

Cable stations

Double stations




151 cm


77 cm


228 cm


279 kg

Weight stack

80 kg x2

Exercise types

Strength training

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More about the gym machine


The dual adjustable pulley or DAP is a gym machine where you can train both lower body and upper body as well as core. It’s equipped with height adjustable pulleys so you can easily change what you exercise. The low-set weight stack gives a much greater range of motion so that all chest and shoulder exercises can be performed freely. It is extremely versatile with a large number of exercises where you can train your entire body.


Special features


The machine is corner-shaped and compact which saves lots of space in the gym. Several chin-up exercises are possible and various grips can be chosen, wide or narrow, and at different angles. The exercise machine is also equipped with sturdy hooks for hanging exercise handles, belts and more.

This dual pulley is suitable for rehabilitation as the patented PowerBands™ over the double ball bearing wheels give an extremely light, fine movement. The start weight is also really light so that everyone can exercise with the gym machine.

If you want a larger weight stack that is no problem with the dual pulley. Contact us and we will make it happen.


Included with the machine


You’ll get three exercise handles with your dual pulley: a lats handle and a pair of one hand handles in premium steel.


Important information


The machine must be attached to the floor or supported in another way.

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