251 Gymleco Triceps Pushdown

251 Gymleco Triceps Pushdown

This is an effective machine with standing pushdown movement for the triceps musculature. This Gymleco machine provides you with arm training for the triceps offering high ergonomics and stability. The backrest provides good stability when standing up during the whole movement and therefore a better effect on the triceps musculature.

The Gymleco machine is equipped with a loop at floor beam for attaching to an exercise belt providing additional stability.

Gymleco machines are always designed in high quality materials and compact design. Thanks to this you can fit more gym equipment at your gym and optimize your surface. Our machines resist heavy strength traning year after year.

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  • Dimensions:
    Length 110 cm
    Width 70 cm
    Height 223 cm
  • Weight: 126,5 kg
  • Weight magazine: 60 kg
  • Larger weight stack (optional)
  • Low start-up load
  • One handle included
  • Standard frame color: back
  • Standard color cushion: black/red