343 Gymleco Leg Press, Seated

343 Gymleco Leg Press, Seated

This exercise machine from Gymleco makes the leg workouts a pleasure. This is a leg press with adjustable start position so that you can workout sitting or lying down with a long movement to go as deep as you want to. Even the foot plate is adjustable.

The ergonomic back support with adjustable head rest provides optimum support. The low position of the footplate makes the gym machine ideal for rehabilitation use. You can also train calves in an effective way.

Flexible construction with a good looking design and an extremely stable chassis for optimum feel. This is a must-have at the gym!

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  • Dimensions:
    Length 221 cm
    Width 116 cm
    Height 162 cm
  • Weight: 316 kg
  • Weight stack: 150 kg
    (Larger weight stack optional)
  • Adjustable start position in 13 positions
  • Adjustable backrest from sitting to lying down
  • Adjustable foot plate with slip protection
  • Standard rame color: black
  • Standard cushion color: black/red