351 Gymleco Triceps Extension

351 Gymleco Triceps Extension

This is Gymleco’s popular Triceps machine with anatomically correct motion. The comfortably rounded rubber multi-grip gives the user the freedom to find their own personal grip on the handles.

The anatomical path of the movement is soft and gentle. In addition, it relieves the elbow joints and completely removes the stress from the shoulders.

The footrest in this Gymleco machine provides stability to the workout. The unique lever makes it easy to start and finish the exercise.

As always are Gymleco machines designed in a compact design and therefore easy to place at all gyms.

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  • Dimensions:
    Length 130 cm
    Width 60 cm
    Height 140cm
  • Weight: 182 kg
  • Weight stack: 100 kg
  • (Larger weight stack optional)
  • No settings are needed
  • Footrests provide better stability
  • Standard frame color: black
  • Standard cushion color: black/red