354 Gymleco Dips / Shoulder pull

354 Gymleco Dips / Shoulder pull

This uncompromising exercise machine from Gymleco can be used as a dips machine and also with reverse motion motion shoulder pulls.

By folding the back support, the machine becomes a decline press for training the chest muscles. The machine can therefore perform three different exercises.

Seated exercise in an upright position with anatomically correct movement. Easy conversion between exercise modes with a single handle on the right hand side.

As always are Gymleco’s machines designed in a compact design which allows you to fit more gym equipment at the gym and therefore optimize your surface.

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  • Dimensions:
    Length 174 cm
    Width 85 cm
    Height 136 cm
  • Weight: 235 kg
  • Weight stack: 100 kg
  • (Larger weight stack optional)
  • Ergonomic angles
  • Standard frame color: black
  • Standard cushion color: black/red