360 Gymleco Gluteus, One Leg kick

360 Gymleco Gluteus, One Leg kick

The ladies’ favorite machine that even guys can benefit from. This one offers a wide movement that activates the large gluteal muscle, the gluteus maximum. Body position is upright, giving a comfortable posture during the movement.

The user stands on one leg supported by the knee and chest supports and a proper handle.

This gym machine comes with a solid weight magazine of 100 kg which makes it suitable for the more advanced trainer as well as the beginner.

The gluteus muscle is used in this machine on one side at a time, which gives a very smooth training result as the possibly dominant side cannot take over.

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  • Dimensions:
    Length 86 cm
    Width 75 cm
    Height 136 cm
  • Weight: 187 kg
  • Weight stack: 100 kg
    (Larger weight stack optional)
  • Long movement
  • Standard frame color: black
  • Standard cushion color: black/red