412 Gymleco Compact Bar 200 cm

412 Gymleco Compact Bar 200 cm

Gymlecos Compact Bar is a slightly shorter and lighter barbell of a total of 200 cm and 17 kg, compared to a traditional barbell that is 220 cm and 20 kg.

The big difference from a traditional barbell is thus the loadable sleeve length, where you can load fewer weight plates in this barbell.

The barbell is excellent for training where there is less space, for example at a company gym or home gym but also at a less professional gym.

Although the barbell is shorter and lighter in weight, it has the same grip and usability as other barbells.



Length: 200 cm                           Grip Width: 131 cm

Weight: 17 kg                              Sleeve diameter: 50 mm

Grip: 30 mm                                Surface: Chemical Nickel

Capacity: +320 kg                      Double Grip

Loadable Sleeve: 322 mm        Polymer Bushings