415Q Gymleco Supra Curl Bar 10,4 kg

415Q Gymleco Supra Curl Bar 10,4 kg

Here you have the ultimate Gymleco barbell for biceps and triceps training. The barbell is called a Supra model and is 124.5 cm long.

This Gymleco barbell is designed with rotating handles, which makes it excellent for all biceps and triceps exercises, without you having to strain your wrists.

This Gymleco bar is an extremely appreciated and effective barbell. It is well suited for professional gyms and home gyms.

We do not recommend this bar to professional gyms. This barbell does not withstand being thrown.


  • Length: 124,5 cm
  • Grip width 865 cm
  • Weight: 10,4 kg
  • Sleeve diameter: 50 mm
  • Sleeve Length: 173 mm
  • Grip: 25 mm
  • Surface: Chrome
  • Capacity: +150 kg
  • Rotating Handles
  • Bushing