415S Gymleco Curl Bar, S-shaped

415S Gymleco Curl Bar, S-shaped

Here you have Gymleco’s Curl Bar in S-shape. This barbell is both shorter and lighter in weight, which makes it an excellent barbell for biceps and triceps exercises.

The barbell has a wide grip, which is a variety of grip options. This makes the barbell fit most people, as you can hold your hands in several different ways.

Gymleco Curl Bar is designed for professional use in gyms and other training facilities. These types of barbells are standard bars that are found in every gym.

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Length: 124,5 cm                           Grip Width: 830 mm

Weight: 8,5 kg                                Sleeve diameter: 50 mm

Grip: 25 mm                                   Surface: Chemical Nickel

Capacity: +150 kg                         S-Shaped

Loadable Sleeve: 193 mm           Bushings