441 Gymleco Standing Dumbbell Rack, 10 Pairs

441 Gymleco Standing Dumbbell Rack, 10 Pairs

Gymleco’s Standing dumbbell rack for 10 pairs of dumbbells is designed to be both practical with its compact size but also stylish in appearance.

The Gymleco dumbbell stand fits all small dumbbells such as chrome dumbbells, rubber dumbbells, hex dumbbells in the sizes of 1-10 kg.

The dumbbell stand is stable despite its size and very popular in gyms around the world. The dumbbell rack is suitable for both commercial gyms such as corporate gyms, club gyms and home gyms.


  • Measurements:
    Length: 32 cm
    Width: 32 cm
    Height: 126 cm
  • Stable construction
  • Can be attached to the floor
  • Holds 10 pairs of dumbbells 1-10kg