602 Gymleco Rig with 6 lifting places

602 Gymleco Rig with 6 lifting places

This Gymleco Rig for Functional Fitness Training is an excellent stable training station created to fit all kinds of gyms regardless of target group and training focus. This free-standing training stand is also called a rig and is a multifunctional station with the possibility of many different training exercises such as squats, chins and climbing ropes that can be attached to the rig.

If the rig is to be placed outdoors, we can offer treatment with blasting before powder coating for extra surface protection.

This rig from Gymleco has both low and high pillar positions so that you can integrate rope and ring stations as desired. The stand has a total of 11 pull-up stations, of which six are suitable squat stations. It can be equipped with accessories such as dip racks, safety equipment, weight racks, etc.

Feel free to consult with your Gymleco contact person to create the rig exactly according to your conditions and wishes.


  • Dimensions:
    Height: 271 cm (You can also build the lower one if necessary)
    Height highest part: 346 cm
    Width: 122/142/182 cm, you can choose different widths depending on space.

  • You also build the length in sections (882 cm is the length in the example picture)

  • This rig can be built in a lot of different ways depending on your needs and space.

  • Add extra options, such as safety layout, dip stand and weight stand.

  • Chin railing 33.7 mm in diameter

  • Made in Sweden