685 Gymleco Prowler Sled, 50 kg

685 Gymleco Prowler Sled, 50 kg

Gymleco’s Prowler Sled is one of the best tools for developing strength throughout the body.

It combines the training of strength and endurance of legs, waist and arms. Often used on, among other things, the box for functional training but also in the traditional gym.

To your advantage, it works great to pull on an artificial grass floor, see here for Gymleco’s alternatives.

Prowler sled is used more and more in all training with the endless exercises that can be found with it.

You can load the Sled with weight plates and push forward, pull back, attach rope and pull through it, etc.


  • Weight: 50kg
  • Used with international weights with 50mm in hole diameter
  • Brand: Gymleco
  • Frame color: Black