749-1755 Squat Rack, Home premium

749-1755 Squat Rack, Home premium

Are you looking for a combined squat and bench press rack, which in spite of its simplistic design is incredibly stable? One with a long life span and that takes up minimal space?

Then we have the rack for you. Gymleco’s Squat Rack Home Premium is a stable rack designed and created by Gymleco. Thanks to the easy to use handles it’s simple to change the height between exercises.

On top of this the rack is durable so that you never have to replace it. Gym quality in your home.



• Lowest rack height: 35,5 cm

• Highest rack height: 155,5 cm

• Fits all international barbells

Length: 91 cm
Width: 126 cm
Height: 175,5 cm
Weight: 45 kg