812C Gymleco Competition Bar 15kg, Women

812C Gymleco Competition Bar 15kg, Women

Gymleco’s Competition Bar for women is a barbell with quality that you can trust. This barbell is designed for professional use and is suitable for weightlifting such as clean and jerks.

The extremely durable material choices in combination with the hard chrome surface give you a fantastic Gymleco barbell with a long service life.

The storage in the barbell makes the weightlifting smooth and the slightly smoother grip gives your clean and jerks in the lift an ideal movement.

This barbell is a so-called women’s bar and therefore slightly shorter and lighter weight than a traditional barbell.



Length: 201 cm                            Grip Width: 131 cm

Weight: 15 kg                                Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm

Grip: 25 mm                                  Surface: Hard Chrome

Capacity: +800 kg                        Double Grip

Sleeve Length: 322 mm              Needle Bearings