817T Gymleco Technique Bar 10 kg, Premium

817T Gymleco Technique Bar 10 kg, Premium

Gymleco’s Technique Bar Premium is a barbell developed for technique training before heavy weightlifting.

This type of barbell is used for technical training for both young people and beginners in weightlifting. This Gymleco barbell can be loaded indefinitely, making it an extremely unique technology bar on the market.

Thanks to the weight of the barbell of only 10 kg, this barbell facilitates your technical training. Once you have mastered the technique, you can start training with a traditional barbell of 15-20 kg.

The barbell is complemented with the advantage of Gymleco’s technique weight plates for the ultimate experience.

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See barbell specifications below.



Length: 170 cm                             Grip Width: 131,7 cm

Weight: 10 kg                                Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm

Grip: 25 mm                                  Surface: Hard Chrome

Capacity: +600 kg                         Bronze Bushings

Sleeve Length: 173 mm