834 Gymleco Dumbbells, Iron Disc, 5-80 kg

834 Gymleco Dumbbells, Iron Disc, 5-80 kg

Durable iron dumbbells from Gymleco with clear, laser-marked weight marking.

These Gymleco dumbbells have grip-friendly straight handles. Available in sizes 5kg – 80kg with 2.5kg gap as standard. The Gymleco dumbbells are very durable and designed in high quality so that you will not need to replace them after just a few years, unlike other brands.

Great timeless design that suits on any gym facility. The dumbbells are designed for professional use and can therefore resist heavy training year after year.

Match it with one of our good looking and compact designed dumbbell racks: 840 Gymleco Dumbbell Rack, 10 Pairs.


  • Robust and durable dumbbells
  • Disc weights in iron
  • Grip-friendly handle
  • Available as standard 5 kg – 80 kg with 2.5 kg weight gap