848 Gymleco Half Rack

848 Gymleco Half Rack

A stable and commercial Gymleco Halfrack designed and manufactured of the highest quality to suit commercial use in gyms and other training facilities.

Gymleco’s Half Rack is a good rack with the opportunity for a large number of training exercises such as bench press, squats, chins, pull-ups, standing rowing, etc.

With Gymleco’s Half Rack, you can perform the training exercises in a safe way. The rack is delivered with safety bars, which is a security for the one training.

The Half Rack is also delivered with a weight stand where you can easily and nicely store the weight plates on the side. It is both easily accessible for the exerciser but also prevents weight plates from ending up on the floor and it getting messy in the gym.

Half Racket is also available as a Double version (art. No. # 848D)


  • 8 pcs Weight suspension included

  • Available as Double version (# 848D)

  • Frame color: Black

  • Measurements:
    Width: 202.7 cm (with weights)
    Length: 164 cm (with the safety brackets)
    Height: 230 cm