F200-11×2 Gymleco Artificial Gym Grass Track, Black

F200-11×2 Gymleco Artificial Gym Grass Track, Black

Artificial Gym Grass is a great alternative to creating good training opportunities and an aesthetically pleasing environment in your gym.

This Gym Grass from Gymleco is suitable both as a running track and to pull sleds, tires or other training equipment. With artificial grass you get a soft and comfortable surface for your workout, as well as a nice outdoor feeling inside the gym.

The artificial grass is a high quality artificial grass specially developed for sports. Ideal for functional fitness boxes and gyms.

The length of the carpet is 11 meters and the width 2 meters. Beam height is 15 mm.


  • Dimensions: Length 11m.
  • Width: 2m
  • Total 22 sqm.
  • Straw height 15mm. 300 straws per square meter.
  • 5mm PU rubber at the bottom for better durability and firmer fixation along the substrate
  • For installation, we recommend double-sided adhesive tape for fixing to the floor
  • When gluing, Wakol MS 550 PVC and rubber adhesives or similar are recommended
  • Also available in green