Foam Roller, Hollow

Foam Roller, Hollow

Foam rolling is a type of treatment that provides deep massage for the muscles. Foam rolling can help relieve muscle tightness,  treat sore muscles and relieve back pain.

This model of foam roller with strong structure creates deep treatment and is slightly tougher than a smooth model of foam roller.

There are many benefits of using a foam roller frequently. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, it can also help increase your mobility. If you are looking for a smooth model of foam roller instead, you’ll find one here.

Foam rolling can be an effective tool to add to your exercise routine. Use it before or as warm-up or after as a cooldown.


  • Diameter: 14 cm
  • Length: 33 cm
  • Brand: Gymleco
  • Color: Svart
  • Art nr: N122