KETC Gymleco Kettlebells, Competition 4-32 kg

KETC Gymleco Kettlebells, Competition 4-32 kg

Gymleco’s Competition Kettlebells with color markings are really robust kettlebells intended for commercial use.

Competition model means that each kettlebell has the same size in circumference whether the weight is 8kg or 32kg. It is usually this kind of kettlebells that are used in functional fitness competitions (why the name), and they have therefore also become popular in the gym and in the homes of people who want to train with as competition-specific equipment as possible.

Gymleco’s kettlebells are quality kettlebells in stylish and classic design that are easily placed at any gym or training box. The kettlebells has color markings so that you easily can find your required size.

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  • Same circumference even if the size changes
  • Color markings
  • Available in the sizes:
    8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32 kg