LHR500 Gymleco Treadmill, Motorless

LHR500 Gymleco Treadmill, Motorless

Our treadmill LHR500 is a new concept where the treadmill is operated without motor. That means, it starts by gravity and accelerates controlled after the running steps.

The treadmill has a battery-powered display that shows time, speed, calories and distance. The display needs 4 AA batteries.

The treadmill is gentle on the knees and therefore ideally suited for rehabilitation training. The treadmill is also an economical alternative where electricity costs completely cease.

The shock-absorbing slat technology makes the belt wear out much more slowly than a traditional belt, resulting in low service costs and a longer service life.


  • Measures:
    Length (L) 175 cm
    Width (W) 79 cm
    Height (H) 160 cm
  • Running surface 155 x 43,6 cm
  • Display with time, distance, calories and speed.
  • Weight 165 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 180 kg