LN8 Gymleco Smart Treadmill, Touch screen

LN8 Gymleco Smart Treadmill, Touch screen

The LN8 treadmill is a new, innovative cardio machine with a smart touch screen in HD. The treadmill is large, commercial and provides a wonderful training experience.

With all the treadmill’s functions in the touch screen, you can choose, among other things, which environment you want to run in. For example, you can choose to run in a natural and beach environment, where the screen shows video and automatically selects speed, up / downhill, music and more.

The treadmill is comfortable and gentle at the same time as extremely robust and stable. Durable cardio machine that is excellent for the commercial gym.

Product Documents


  • Measurements:
    Length: 216 cm
    Width: 90 cm
    Height: 150 cm
  • Machine weight: 202 kg
  • Running surface: 160 x 57 cm
  • The control display has a very simple and clear menu system.
  • Equipped with amenities such as bluetooth connection and cooling fan.
  • Outdoor stage simulator
  • 21,5 inch HD video display with wifi function
  • Motor: 4,0 Hp
  • Speed: 1-25km / h
  • Incline: 0-20%
  • Maximum user weight: 240 kg