R250 Gymleco Int. Dumbbell Handle, D50mm

R250 Gymleco Int. Dumbbell Handle, D50mm

Here you have Gymleco’s dumbbell bar or also called a handle for international weights. They are designed with comfortable grip handle and durable quality materials.

We also have dumbbell bars for smaller dumbbell weights (r220), this kind of handle is suitable for our weights that you can see here.

These handles are great alternatives to have in the homegym or the smaller gym facility where you need dumbbells that does not take much space.


  • Weight: 5.3 kg

  • Length: 50 cm

  • Handle: 12 cm

  • Handle: 25 mm

  • Space for weights: 2 x 17cm

  • 1cm lock = 16cm space for weights

  • Secure screw lock!