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Recumbent-bike-L7239L Gymleco

Recumbent Bike, Commercial with big LED display

Recumbent Bike, Commercial with big LED display

The Gymleco Recumbent Bike offers a variety of functional features to contribute to a comfortable and gentle training experience. For example that it’s generator driven which means no electricity needed. It’s also designed with easy adjustments and settings, which makes it possible for everyone to use the cardio machine.

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Technical specifications & Documents

Tekniska specifikationer & dokument

Exercise types

Cardio, Padel


180 cm


71 cm


133 cm


80 kg

Max userweight

180 kg

Art.nr L7239L

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More about Recumbent Bike

The generator driven exercise bike from Gymleco is designed in high quality plastic parts, to be both stable and silent. The Recumbent Bike is manufactured for commercial gym facilities and comes fully loaded with all the most requested features. This Recumbent Bike is made to suit all users regardless of age and level of training. This model of exercise bikes are usually found on professional gyms.

The ergonomic backrest makes the exercise bike comfortable and easily set at the right angle from a sitting position. The distance between pedals and seat is set easily to fit all body lengths, whether shorter or longer. With an open space between the seat and handlebars for maximum access a seat is easily moved closer or further from the handlebars.



  • LED display showing time, distance, rpm, speed, level, calorie burn, heart rate and power.
  • The machine has 18 different programs of which 1 manual, 4 pulse controlled and 1 personal set for the user.
  • With a few simple clicks of a button, you choose between the programs.
  • With the wheels, you can easily move it to the desired position.
  • In the handles there are heart rate monitors, as well as easy setting of the resistance level.
  • Generator driven, no electricity needed.