SL2 Gymleco Gym Lockers, 2 lockers

SL2 Gymleco Gym Lockers, 2 lockers

Gymleco’s gym lockers for gyms are designed with a frame of black lacquered sheet metal and doors in walnut-patterned veneer wood. This look gives the dressing room a feeling of quality and comfort. 

Gymleco lockers are affordable and safe with high spaciousness. They can be supplemented and built together as desired, mix freely with N-lockers and L-lockers for a varied range in the changing rooms.

The Gymleco lockers are excellent for both commercial gyms but also other spaces where there is a need for storage, for example for the paddle hall, climbing center and hotel gym. The changing cabinets are supplemented with the advantage of a lockers base (legs for the lockers) with or without a bench. It is popular to choose a cabinet base with a bench because the consumer uses the bench to storage things while changing clothes in the dressing room.

We manufacture the legs with bench on site after ordering. Feel free to contact us directly via email if you are interested and want to know more. We stock the lockers in our head office in Southern Stockholm, so we can offer fast delivery times. 


  • Measures:
    (L) 40 cm
    (W) 50 cm
    (H) 160 cm
  • Color: Black frames with walnut doors