SN28 Gymleco Safety Lockers, 28 lockers

SN28 Gymleco Safety Lockers, 28 lockers

Stylish, safe and practical safety lockers from Gymleco!

Gymleco’s safety lockers for gyms are designed and manufactured with 28 smaller lockers. The safety lockers is affordable and easily furnished in the gym. Fits with advantage in, for example, the reception at the gym where the members only want to leave individual valuables.

Also excellent in other environments such as staff rooms, climbing centers, paddle halls, etc. The frame is made of sheet steel and steel doors for better safety. We stock all our gym lockers in our head office in Southern Stockholm. Thanks to that, we can offer fast delivery times. 


  • Measures:
    (L) 105 cm
    (W) 35 cm
    (H) 181 cm
  • Color and material: Grey frames with black doors