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Wallmounted Rig

Wallmounted Rig

This wallmounted Gymleco rig, or so-called training station for functional fitness, is a sturdy steel rig for all gym environments. It’s multifunctional with the possibility of many different training exercises such as squats and chins. It can also be built out from one station to multiple stations if you want to offer functional fitness to more of your members at the same time. The rig is designed and made in Sweden with only quality materials.


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Technical specifications & Documents

Tekniska specifikationer & dokument

Rig installation

Wallmounted rigs

Exercise types

Functional Training


Min: 110-122 cm (inside to outside)


241 cm


92 cm (without bar hangers)



Art.nr 601

More about the rig


The rig is attached to the wall and to the floor for extra stability. It has a number of extensions that you can add on as well as various options for building the rig bigger. See pictures 2 and 3 for suggestions on how you can build your own rig. The second picture shows the rig with safety bars and weight racks, which are two of the add-ons you can attach. The third image shows the rig built out with two barbell stations and one middle beam, adding up to three chin stations. On top of this we have a lot of training equipment at Gymleco that makes your rig even more versatile. For example a variety of barbells, benches and training bands.
As you see you have a lot of options so please contact us and we will make sure that the rig fits your space and fulfils your vision.


Special features and important information


We can also offer outdoor treatment of the rig. This gives the rig extra surface protection so that it can withstand the environment outside.
Two bar hangers are included with the rig so that you can simply buy a barbell with the station and start squating.
The chins bar has a diameter of 33,7 mm.