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Alexander Pärleros & Ida Warg

Alexander Pärleros hosts the well-known podcast “Framgångspodden” and Ida Warg owns the beauty brand Ida Warg beauty. Both have well-known profiles on Instagram and YouTube with hundreds of thousands followers.

Gymleco helped realize Alexander Pärlero’s and Ida Warg’s dream of a home gym. The result was a space-efficient home gym in their garage in Marbella.

Location:Marbella / Spain
Type: Home Gym
Size:25 sqm

More about the home gym

The gym is 25 sqm and built outdoors in the garage. Although the surface is elongated and compact, it is equipped with a floor of rubber tiles, rack, treadmill with touch screen, adjustable pulley machine, chrome dumbbells and Polyurethane dumbbells. 

Thanks to our compact designed and stylish gym equipment, it does not take a lot of space and even on a smaller surface it doesn’t look cluttered.

“We chose Gymleco because they have excellent service and because they make quality equipment. For example, this cross pull (Adjustable Pulley #226 ). It’s one of the best I’ve seen. It has a nice design and is made of high quality. ” – Alexander Pärleros