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Ashkan Aghili

A personal trainer and online coach with 22 years of experience. He is himself a former bodybuilder and competed actively in the years 1999-2005. Right now he puts all his focus on training hard and at the same time creating content to motivate and inspire others.

Ashkan has also been an ambassador for Gymleco for a few years now and shares many training tips and training sessions on his Instagram and YouTube.

Type: Home Gym
Size:25 sqm

More about the home gym

Ashkan has a large garage gym of over 25 sqm with both exercise equipment and gym machines from Gymleco. Here he can effectively create content and inspire his followers!

“I have used Gymleco’s gym equipment for several years and have always been very satisfied. I’ve always had a dream of having my own full-scale gym at home so that I can streamline my workouts to get more out of my days. As I place high demands on the equipment I use, Gymleco was an obvious choice for me as I know that Gymleco delivers quality. In addition, since you do not have endless space in a garage, it worked perfectly with Gymleco’s machines for me with the slim and compact design of the machines I have at home. “ – Ashkan Aghili