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Become Gym

Become Gym is located in Esbo, Finland. A versatile gym offering comprehensive health and fitness solutions for their members. This fitness center has an impressive total area of 1200 square meters.

Opened in 2013, and updated the gym with even more Gymleco machines in 2022! Here you will find a well-equipped general gym and a separate women’s gym. This gym is also offering a wide range of group classes, indoor cycling sessions and yoga classes. Furthermore, the sauna is heated every day!



Type: Professional gym
Gymleco products:10+

Gymleco equippment at Become Gym


The idea behind this gym was born out of a love and passion for getting people moving and providing an accessible place to work out at. This facility is providing equippment for tradtional gym workouts, free weight training and crossfit. As well as group training classes like yoga and pilates.  At this gym everyone is welcome, regardless of age, gender, or size!

Here you can find our popular 082 Belt Squat machine, as well as our 116 T-Bar Incline Row and 326 Standing Pec Fly to name a few. Here you will also find a large assortment of Cable Stations and Racks from Gymleco.