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Better Bodies

“Gymleco has been friends of ours for years and the obvious choice when we would decorate our mini-destination in our Swedish office. We have machines from Gymleco at Destination, our gym in Dallas, and are so happy. It is quality equipment that above all holds up well and that is adapted to the individual for correct workmanship.” Michael Johansson, CEO Better Bodies, GASP

Location:Stockholm / Sweden
Type: Corporate Gym
Size:12 sqm

More about the gym

Better Bodies is a world-renowned brand that offers gym and fitness clothing. With over 20 years in the industry, the popular workout clothes and accessories have become an obvious choice for both athletes and athletes. Their office in Sweden is centrally located in Hammarby Sjöstad.

The gym is 12 sqm and directly connected to the office. It has been equipped with dumbbells, gym benches, dampening gym flooring and two plate loaded machines. Here, the Gymleco #023 Incline Pec Deck and #044 Hacklift were selected by the company.

“The love for the workout and the gym is a big part of the reason why we exist. So it will be very symbolic to have a gym in the office even in Sweden,” says Michael.

From the window in the gym, the visitor has a beautiful view of the canal that runs along Sjöstaden.