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Binous1 Gym

One of the world’s most famous gyms! The gym is owned by Anis Binous who is himself a former bodybuilder. This is a gym with extra everything. Already at the reception you are met by a large modern counter that goes completely in red and black. A theme that follows the interior of the entire gym. 

Upstairs there are both cafes and barber shop. Up there is also the large cardio park which has a full view of the entire gym. Downstairs, once inside the gym, you can find all the machines imaginable and also a shop with supplements and clothes.

Many big names in bodybuilding train here and many well-known personal trainers work here, which permeates the gym’s range.

Type: Professional gym

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In addition to the traditional strength training, there is also an outdoor gym, MMA and an entire VIP section with only Gymleco gym equipment.

Some of the machines from Gymleco that you can find at Binous1 are Legpress #043, Iso Lateral Bench press #022, Hip Thrust #066, Glutes one leg kick #060, Smithmachine #280, Leg Press #343, Triceps extension #351, Seated Leg curl #341, Abbductor/Adductor #364, #116 Tbar

Some of our unique benches at Binous: #193S gym bench, #194 Incline bench