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Black Gym Taipa

As the name suggests, the gym is in all-black design which creates a kick-ass interior and the desire to train hard occurs easily. The owner Mr.Lo leng Cheng is a huge fan of Gymleco!

The gym is 1,100 sqm big and is located in China, Macao and opened in 2022. As they say themselvs “Biggest and coolest gym in Taipa”.

Here everyone is welcome, everybody who wants to improve their fitness level no matter who they are! The atmosphere is nothing but just cool. Cool equipment, cool decorations and cool machines.

Location:Macao / China
Type: Professional gym
Size:1100 sqm

More about the gym

The gym has many gym machines and training equipment from Gymleco. To name a few there are Seated row #010, Iso lateral low row #012, Biceps curl #350, Shoulder press #030. All in the same stylish black design as the gym itself.