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Brickhouse Gym

Brickhouse opened its doors in summer 2020 and is located near Chinatown in Singapore. The owners of the gym are also Gymleco’s official distributors in Singapore.

The co-owner Benjamin Broughton competes himself in bodybuilding. The gym has a stylish and bright interior with hard contrast such as bricks. A perfect mix of two worlds that provides an inspiring training environment.

Type: Professional gym

More about the gym

The gym is almost fully equipped with Gymleco.
For example you have the Gymleco gym machines #348 calfpress 45°, #038 Vikingpress and #356 forearm machine. Gymleco’s stylish and simplistic design with black coating and hard lines fits perfectly with the design of Brickhouse and its interiors.

Benjamin, the owner: “I came across Gymleco at a gym in Taiwan when I was there at a seminar. I trained with their equipment for two days and fell in love with the silhouettes of the machines and the fact that even though they had a low environmental impact, they could handle everything. No frills, just intelligently planned and well-made equipment ”