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Fightbox was founded by Andreas Wilson, Sebastian Berggren, Emil Leonardi, André Bånghäll and Niklas Junker. The first facility opened in 2015 in Slussen, Stockholm, which since 2021 has been expanded and reopened under the name Fightbox Drugstore.


In 2020, their operations expanded with another facility in Stureplan. With the same values as Fightbox Slussen, training in a unique environment. 


Fightbox Stureplan also offers a bookable IR sauna in addition to an exceptional training experience.


“We saw an opportunity to go beyond the classic gym. People want to train, but not everyone is a big fan of traditional gyms with white walls and conference room lighting. We decided to offer an alternative atmosphere and vibe. ” – Andreas Wilson, one of the founders.

Type: Boutique gym

More about the gym


At Fightbox, members are offered the ultimate combination of functional training and fighting. As a member you get an exceptional training experience in a unique environment. 

Gymleco and Fightbox have been partners for many years as Gymleco has delivered a large selection of gym equipment to Fightbox. Everything from gym floors to barbells as well as weight plates and fitness machines.


“Our business, with 10 sessions per day, requires the best quality and before we chose Gymleco, we did not understand how important it is that the stuff lasts. In short, the lifespan of Gymleco’s equipment is superior to the other suppliers we have worked with. Simply put, it’s less of a headache. We are super happy with them. ” – André co-owner of Fightbox